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Ideas with Impact

Learn more about how faculty in the College of Business are having a positive impact on our region

Gary Curnutt

Shifting Retirement Income Landscape in U.S.

Significant shifts in the retirement income environment across the nation intensified by the global COVID-19 pandemic are leading to increasing concerns among Americans about whether they will have sufficient funds to meet their needs during their golden years.  

COB AI logo

Strategy for Appropriate Use of Generative AI by Students

With the rapid emergence of generative artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT, many in academia are trying to determine how to best enable their students to gain experience with this increasingly valuable asset without making it easier for them to use the technology to complete assignments, tantamount to academic dishonesty.  

Robert Lahm

Research Examining Lingering Impacts of COVID-19 on US Economy

How have lingering after-effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic – including labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, interest rate hikes and inflation – combined with the threat of a looming recession affected consumers, entrepreneurs and small businesses across the nation?  

Debra Burke

Federal Agricultural Mediation Programs Should Be Continued, Expanded

A federal program created by Congress in 1987 to help America’s farmers navigate economic challenges that threaten their livelihoods and endanger the nation’s food supply by providing them with access to mediation services as a way to resolve legal disputes should be continued and, in fact, expanded.  

Sean Mulholland

WCU free enterprise center has new director, new focus on undergraduate research

Western Carolina University’s Center for the Study of Free Enterprise, founded in 2015 as a hub for interdisciplinary scholarly inquiry and community engagement in the areas of economic development, applied research and the role of free enterprise in a flourishing society, is in the early phases of a metamorphosis with a new director and a focus on undergraduate student research.  

Heidi Dent

Students Can Improve Emotional Intelligence

Research being conducted by a marketing professor in Western Carolina University’s College of Business may shed light on how students can improve their own emotional awareness and develop the so-called “soft skills” that many of today’s employers desire.  

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