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Brinson Honors College Academics

Female student doing plant research


Western Carolina’s Brinson Honors College offers high-achieving students far more than a set of “honors-level” courses. Rather, the honors academic experience at WCU is an entirely individual experience designed by each student in partnership with his or her honors advisor to meet particular academic goals and to purposefully create challenges that will push each student to excellence.

Each semester, all Honors students work with faculty members and advisors to identify courses and/or projects for which they would like to pursue honors credit. They then design particular coursework or co-curricular experiences that will challenge the student to learn and achieve beyond the standard course curriculum, which is defined by the Honors Contract. Our approach results in an academic experience designed to match each student’s goals and an amazing partnership between honors students and faculty.

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Honors students can choose to pursue a wide variety of courses and activities for honors credit including:

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