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Brinson Honors College Mentoring Program

Are you interested in having help adjusting to WCU and The Brinson Honors College?

Would you like to have an existing student as support and someone to answer questions about college life? Do you want to have a chance to meet other new students through events during Week of Welcome?

Through the Brinson Honors College Mentoring program, you will have an upperclassman help you adjust to life in the Brinson Honors College and at WCU in general. You will also get the opportunity to meet other honors freshmen and make connections. During the first few weeks of class, there will be several events for you to participate in and get to know your mentors. We encourage you to apply if you want to be active in our events and wish to have a resource with whom you can talk to. Anyone participating in the Marching Band may not need the assistance of this program, as you are already accustomed to campus.

If any of this sounds like it would benefit you, then you are encouraged to sign up for The Brinson Honors College Mentoring Program! The mentoring program is a great way for you to do all of the above and more. More information about benefits and events can be found on the application link below. Please have the form submitted as soon as possible, so you can be paired with your mentor.

Any questions can be directed to Auburn Collins, chair of the Honors Board of Directors Mentoring Committee.


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