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Liberal Studies Resources for Students

Liberal Studies Check Sheet

These check sheets will show you all the offered courses within a given semester and will allow you to plan your class schedule accordingly. 

If you are a Distance or Online Student you can explore the list of the most common courses offered in Distance and Online Programs. For a complete list of the courses that meet Liberal Studies requirements, please check out the Master Liberal Studies Check Sheet. Many of these courses are not available in Distance Sections. But, should you need to find an equivalent course at another school, this will help expand the search options.

First-Year Seminar

First Year Seminar


The First Year Seminar allows you to become a member of your new community in a dynamic environment and to experience intellectual life at the university level. Taught by professors with a passion for the subject and a passion for teaching, these courses are designed to encourage exploration of new ideas, examine a range of academic topics, challenge you to set high goals for your academic career, and promote a lifelong love of learning.

First Year Seminars count as a core Liberal Studies requirement for all degree programs, you can see the courses offered in the Course Catalog. Many seminars can be offered for Honor's credit with an individual contract. Please talk to your advisor and instructor if you would like to pursue this option. 

Discover more about the First-Year Experience

Upper-Level Perspectives

The Perspectives are Social Sciences, History, Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts and World Culture courses which satisfy the Liberal Studies requirements of the Undergraduate Core Curriculum. One of the perspectives categories must be met with an upper-level perspective course (300 or 400 level) that is outside of your major classes.

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