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WCU Colors

A university's colors are deeply important to its students, alumni and stakeholders. When Catamounts want to show their school pride, they wear purple proudly, adorned where appropriate by beautiful gold. Occasionally, we need a little bit of color diversity in our printed collateral, but we should always keep our primary colors, well, primary.

Primary Color Palette

Western Carolina's primary colors consist of a specific purple and a specific gold. If you are working on a printed piece that will be printed on a press (versus a digital printer), you also have the option of using a metallic version of our gold. Purple should play a dominant role in most marketing pieces, with gold serving as the accessory of choice. Find the appropriate color mixes for CMYK and RGB below as well as our HEX codes for digital use and our pantone colors for branded merchandise and one-color printing.

WCU Purple

PMS 267 C
CMYK 76 97 0 0
RGB 89 44 136
HEX #592C88
Catamount Gold

PMS 467 C or 872 metallic
CMYK 25 31 61 1
RGB 193 168 117
HEX #C1A875

Accent Palette

Although our core color palette should lead in most materials, certain instances require variety and flexibility. For those circumstances, we have an accent palette. In general, use this palette to build depth and variety into our compositions. Under no circumstances should any of these colors become the predominant color for a school, center, institute or department.


CMYK 81 88 46 55
RGB 44 27 57
HEX #2C1B39

CMYK 10 4 30 0
RGB 229 230 189

CMYK 19 0 78 0
RGB 218 245 91

CMYK 73 2 46 0
RGB 38 182 162
HEX #26B6A2

CMYK 13 0 3 0
RGB 214 255 253


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