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WCU Brand Fonts

Western Carolina uses the Freight font family for all marketing pieces, and we encourage faculty and staff to use Freight for all presentations, public documents, mail correspondence, etc. Two of the five Freight fonts, FreightMacro and FreightSans are available for use by all faculty and staff as well as students acting on behalf of the university. All template assets utilize these Freight fonts. Get instructions for downloading Freight on our Assets page.


Each of the two Freight Fonts have a wide range of six different weights ranging from "light" to the ultra-bold "black" as well as three different italic weights, providing a variety of options for headings, subheads, highlight copy and more. It's best in any piece to avoid using too many font sizes or weights. Think of your messaging in 2-4 layers and use your largest or heaviest font for the most important information and your lightest or smallest font for the least important information. 

Freight Sans Pro

Freight Sans Pro sample


Freight Macro Pro

Freight Macro Pro sample


Freight for Designers

Western Carolina's marketing design team utilizes three additional Freight fonts. These additional fonts are not broadly available across the university due to licensing restrictions. However, University Marketing can provide these fonts on a limited basis to designers within specific university units. To request access to additional Freight fonts, designers should contact Senior Art Designer John Balentine.

Freight Display Pro

Freight Display Pro sample


Freight Sans Compressed Pro

Freight Sans Compressed Pro sample


Freight Text Pro

Freight Text Pro sample


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