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Brand Assets


Downloadable versions of the WCU logo in purple and white can be found below. Please note that the WCU logo is trademarked by the university and is only approved for use by faculty, staff and students for official university communication and marketing materials. Any outside vendors wishing to use the WCU logo should obtain rights through Learfield Licensing, WCU's third-party licensing partner. Any merchandise bearing any Western Carolina logo or the university name that is sold or distributed must be approved through the Learfield Licensing process. Be sure to visit our logo guidelines page before using the logo for any purpose.

WCU logo in purple on white background



WCU logo in white on purple background



Signature Mark



University units and programs may also use the brand Signature on marketing materials and communications. The Signature mark can feature the name of any unit, college or program that is a recognized part of the university. The Signature mark uses the brand font with specific spacing. Please submit a creative services request to receive your mark.

Email Signature Generator

Brand Fonts

Freight sans pro and freight macro pro


Western Carolina uses the Freight font family as its brand font. The family includes 5 different fonts, two of which are licensed for use by any employee of the university for official university communications. University computers purchased after August 1, 2016, will have the brand fonts installed upon delivery. Those with computers delivered prior to that date can download the fonts for use at the links below.
**University fonts are already installed on University Windows Computers.


The WCU PowerPoint template is available for use by any employee or student for presentations given at or about Western Carolina University. This includes research presentations, class lectures, campus forums and much more. To use the Power Point template you will need to install the brand fonts (see above).

When creating your PowerPoint keep in mind that your slide content is only a complement to your presentation. Keep bullet points short and avoid using more than 4 photos or graphics on any one slide.

Powerpoint Templates

Digital Signage

Western Carolina's campus features numerous places where digital signage (screens mounted on walls in campus buildings) can be used to promote programs, events and more. Digital signage should be viewed much like a billboard: messaging should be short and imagery should have a clear focal point. See the Power Point Template below for basic signage guidelines. University Marketing will assist with the design of digital signage to promote academic programs. Requests for signage designed to promote campus events should be submitted 90 days prior to the event date. 

Download the Template

Submit a design request

Digital Signage Template Preview


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