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Chemical Safety & Compliance

chemical safety


A laboratory where potentially hazardous chemicals are used or stored must comply with the requirements listed below.  These requirements are implemented to ensure compliance with Federal and State regulations and to protect lab personnel from exposure to hazardous materials or procedures.

Personnel Access: WCU Health and Safety manuals and resources are updated annually.  It is recommended that lab supervisors provide means for electronic access in the laboratory rather than printing the documents whenever possible.

Signature Acknowledgement: Documentation that personnel have read the required manuals must be retained by the PI or Supervisor and be available for inspection during a laboratory audit.



Update Required

Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) Guidelines for the safe storage and handling of hazardous chemicals. WCU's current CHP must be available to personnel at all times.
Chemical Inventory
Excel Template
An accurate chemical inventory is required to ensure that responders have knowledge of the materials in an area before entering during an emergency response. Updated inventory is required annually. This provides an integrity check for containers & labels and an opportunity to remove unnecessary or time-sensitive chemicals.
Controlled Substance Program Registration for any controlled substance listed in Schedules I-VI is required at the State level (NC-DCU) and at the Federal level (US-DEA). Submit the Notification of Controlled Substance Registration Form to the Safety & Risk Management Office.
Laboratory Inspections Document compliance with laboratory safety policies and recommended safe lab practices. Self-inspections should be conducted by lab personnel annually using the Lab Inspection Checklist or BSL-2 Checklist.
Laboratory Registration Documents emergency contact information and types of hazards in the workspace.  Door signs are posted outside of the lab to indicate registration status. Registered initially and updated when new hazards are introduced, the lab relocates, or an additional space is occupied by the same PI.
Laboratory Safety Signs Posted on equipment and entry doors to the area to caution personnel on the hazards present. Must be posted at all times to caution personnel on worplace hazards.
PPE Hazard Assessment Evaluates the workspace and identifies the type of personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to perform the job task(s). Submit the assessment initially and at any time in the future when tasks and PPE requirements change.
Safety Data Sheets 
Online SDS Database
Safety Data Sheets (SDS, formerly MSDS) for all hazardous chemicals used or stored in the laboratory must be available to personnel at all times. Access to the online database is only available when logged in to the WCU network. SDS must be available for hazardous chemicals at all times. Post the SDS Link Sign in a visible area of the laboratory as a reminder to personnel.
Standard Operating Procedure
Documents safe handling & emergency procedures for any particularly hazardous substance (PHS) or high risk procedure used in the lab.  PHS includes carcinogen, reproductive, acutely toxic, highly reactive, & pyrophoric materials.   Updated as necessary to reflect changes in materials or procedures and after a laboratory move.
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